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Welcome to Clinic 360, we are experts in diagnosis and management of your musculoskeletal problem.

We offer a range of investigations including point of care diagnostic ultrasound scans and
pain-relieving ultrasound guided interventions all within a single appointment. No GP
referral is necessary. We are dedicated to providing a convenient, timely and cost-effective
solution to the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal pathology.



Clinical Assessment

We will ask questions about your problem and then examine your area of pain


Diagnostic Ultrasound

We will carry out a diagnostic ultrasound scan to visualize any structural problems that are causative of your pain

Report of Findings

We will discuss your diagnosis and present all the available options. We will also provide a full report for yourself and GP

Ultrasound guided injections

If appropriate your clinician will carry out an ultrasound guided injection with the aim of reducing your pain.

*All of which can be carried out in a single appointment where clinically appropriate.



We boast a team of highly experienced and specialised musculoskeletal consultants and orthopaedic consultants aimed at accurately and swiftly diagnosing problems of the musculoskeletal system.

It is for these reasons why hundreds of patients a year from all over the country put their trust in us to provide them with the best possible care in a friendly and welcoming environment.

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Pain Relieving Injections

Our team have some of the leading practitioners within the field. They routinely complete over a thousand image guided procedures every year to help manage many common musculoskeletal problems.



The clinic 360 team boast some of the leading consultants within musculoskeletal medicine, orthopaedics and sports Psychiatry.



Clinic 360 Patients

Excellent service from making an appointment to consultation. Very fast & efficient. I’m am please to say I’m pain free after my consultation & treatment from Josh. I can’t believe the difference. Highly recommend
Karen Elsworth
Karen Elsworth
November 10, 2021.
Surpassed my expectations. Was assessed and treated within a week of my initial enquiry. Very professional throughout and good value for money too compared to other private providers. Would not hesitate to use again. Thank you.
Donna Burnett
Donna Burnett
September 29, 2021.
great people everything explained to my wife so she had confidence
Donald Partington
Donald Partington
September 9, 2021.
professional, friendly, efficient and thorough service. From first contact to immediate post scan follow up, the Clinic 360 team was exceptional! Joshua Wheatley explained the results of the scan taking time to go over in detail his findings and answer my questions. This has provided me with much needed information to move forward with a rehab plan. With sincere thanks, Janet M
Janet Manley
Janet Manley
September 8, 2021.
Excellent professional service, Michael is extremely knowledgeable - informed me better than the physiotherapists at the hospital who had been misdiagnosing me and was proved by ultra sound. Can’t fault them at all & they definitely don’t waste your money!!
Jon Evans
Jon Evans
August 27, 2021.
I visited the clinic after going from walking 7-10 miles a day to having difficulty walking from my living room into my kitchen. My GP was useless and didn't even want to see me. After 3 months of suffering I was getting very worried about my limited mobility and terrible knee pain. I had a consultation, ultrasound and x-ray with Josh Wheatley then I went back for an ultrasound guided steroid injection after learning I had severe femoropatella osteoarthritis and a ruptured baker's cyst. After a couple of days the pain has gone and I can bend my knee properly.I am starting to slowly increase my walking. I wish I had gone sooner. Very clean and very professional. Happy to answer any questions and well worth it to be pain free and mobile again. Thank you.
tracey holdsworth
tracey holdsworth
August 25, 2021.
Chronic osteoarthritis in left hip. Extremely painful, unable to walk some days. Needs replacing but US guided cortisone injection to delay operation. Whole process was efficient and professional. Clinic is modern and clean. Done by Michael. Nice guy. Took time to explain everything clearly, gave excellent advice on aftercare. Almost painless injection. Pain disappeared after couple hours, still no pain week later. Able to walk normally and exercise. Highly recommend.
David Merrick
David Merrick
August 19, 2021.
I have been in pain for quite a while. Went to my doctors who sent me for X-rays. It came back with arthritis in hips. I had to make appointment with a NHS physio. Believe it or not but it was over the phone! He diagnosed me with a condition and told me to look it up on the internet. As soon as I started reading I knew I didn’t have what he said. as my late husband had the symptoms on the internet. My symptoms were nothing like that. I went to Clinic 360. Had a consultation with Josh who agreed. He gave me a really good examination. I’m going this week for a X-rays then hopefully the treatment I need to get rid of this pain. Would highly recommend clinic 360.
Maggie Nichs
Maggie Nichs
August 9, 2021.
Efficient and very professional.
Keith Walker
Keith Walker
July 6, 2021.
I would like to say a big thank you to reception staff and especially to Josh at Clinic 360 for an excellent service. After months of pain in my hip, I had an ultrasound guided steroid injection almost two weeks ago and so far, so good. Josh was very professional and friendly and he put me at ease.. He rang me after 12 days to see how I was which I thought was very kind. I would not hesitate recommending Clinic 360 and would gladly go back if needed.
shirley dyson
shirley dyson
July 1, 2021.